Dance of the Kunoichi: Female Ninja Assassins
Eyewitness this Dazzling Fan/Ribbon Dancing fused with Martial Arts, Hip Hop,
 Contemporary and Cultural Traditional. Live Show and Interactive Experience
The Syrenz have been featured  with USHER's Music Video "Somebody To Love"  

Chinese Ribbon Dancing
 Experience this Live show featuring magnificent Chinese  Traditional Dancing
with Silk Ribbons fused  with a Martial Arts Flair. 
"3D Painting Brush Strokes in the Air !"
The Syrenz are available for Bookings for your next party, event, video, film. Specializing in many styles of dance, for your preferences!


Encounter the SyrenzBe Seduced by the Sexy and Fierce Syrenz with their original and spectacular Live Performance.
Features Hip Hop Dance styles Breakin, Wacking, And Fan Dancing with a Contemporary Soundtrack. This show has been featured at Beacher's Mad House in Hollywood, and on ABDC as well as America's Got Talent.